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Cranes for Sale

Terex Franna - Articulated Mobile Cranes

 Terex Franna Mac -14
Current CICA compliance,next inspection March 24
Upgraded Radio system inc Bluetooth & handsfree
Major inspection (10 yr Cert) current.

3B6 Computer upgrade
*No road registration*
$60,000 AUD

Mac 25 for Sale Redline Cranes

 Terex Franna Mac - 25
Current CICA compliance
Major inspection (10 yr Cert) current.
Upgraded Radio system inc Bluetooth & handsfree
3B6 LMI Computer 
WorkSafe compliant
$265,000 AUD

Spider Cranes - Mini Crawler Cranes

5T Spider Crane Redline
Redline 8T Spider Crane

Spider Cranes are perfect for worksites with confined space where you need to lift heavy loads at great heights. Designed to go just about anywhere, their continuous tracks also make them ideal for use on rough or uneven grounds.

Spider cranes or 'Mini Crawler Cranes' as they are also known, are suited for working in a variety of industries and in numerous locations. Whether it's replacing glass in a shopfront, lifting stone in a backyard or moving heavy items in an industrial shed, spider cranes are a universal crane for almost everyone.

With the ability to operate by remote control or manually operated these machines allow innovation and convenience to come together within the construction industry.

With a variety of attachments available, book in a demo today to see how this machine can adapt to your project requirements. Speak to one of our friendly sales team today. 

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